While there are several variables that enter into the successful completion of a construction project, perhaps the most important factor is time.  Whether it is a college/university doing a summer renovation on student housing, or an office building with plans to rent out space, timelines are important to all parties involved.

Typically, tear offs will require that the building be dried in at the end of each working day.  Industry practice has been to tear off the first half of the day, clean up, and begin torching down or adhering a base sheet to achieve temporary waterproofing.  The Tritoflex system allows the contractor to achieve temporary waterproofing at a much more rapid rate than with conventional sheet good materials.  The result is a 40 mil, completely seamless, instantly waterproof membrane.  The Tritoflex liquid is water based, zero VOC and with nearly 2000% elongation, can accommodate movement of the substrate.

For more information see our Triton page at Triton Waterproofing


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