Induron Ceramic Epoxies

Today’s water and wastewater treatment facilities demand the very best coatings to protect their assets from harsh corrosive atmospheres. Induron Protective Coatings have developed high performance coating solutions for the numerous exposures encountered in these treatment plants. Induron’s ceramic epoxies have been protecting water, wastewater and sewer structures for over 30 years.

Induron’s line of ceramic epoxies offers:

  1. Absolute Minimal Undercutting: Healing  pinholes and spot corrosion with A-rated cathodic disbondment
  2. High Film Build: Minimizing risk of holidays and improved edge protection
  3. Low-Permeability: Keeping corrosive liquids away from a substrate
  4. Non-Ablative Surface: Inhibiting microbiological contamination and preventing acidithiobacillus growth.

Whether it is in the waste water treatment field, or potable water storage, Induron’s ceramic epoxies provide a solution.  See the Permasafe 100 data sheet for wastewater facilities, or the Permaclean 100 data sheet for potable water storage.

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