Product Lines

Sika/Liquid Plastics Liquid Applied Membranes

With the demand for greener, longer lasting roof membranes facing owners and designers, cold-applied systems are gaining acceptance in the US and have enjoyed widespread use in Europe for quite some time.  This coupled with the general trend away from many roof systems that incorporate kettles or heat has allowed Sika/Liquid Plastics to hit the US market with a “new” unique chemistry that has nearly 25 years of actual field experience in some of the world’s harshest climates.  Warranties of 10-25 years are available and are renewable at the end of the warranty term by simply reinstating the topcoat.

Cold, fluid-applied systems are available for the following;

  1. Roof Recovers
  2. Protected Membrane Assemblies (including Green Roofs)
  3. Plaza Deck and Terrace Waterproofing
  4. Wall Systems

Atlas Minerals Polymer Flooring and Concrete Protection

2007 marked 115 years of service for Atlas Minerals & Chemicals.  Today, Atlas is regarded as a leader in the field of corrosion-resistant setting beds, mortars and grouts, chemical resistant coatings, floorings and linings. This recognition is based on a solid background including a number of industry “firsts” in the field of non-metallic, corrosion-resistant construction materials.

Induron Protective Coatings

Induron’s high performance coatings serve a range of applications for the protection of steel and concrete in the Water & Wastewater, Power and Process Industries.  The core business value of Technical Integrity continues to drive the company today.

Sprayroq Protective Lining Systems

Sprayroq products are widely used to protect and rehabilitate structures subject to the aggressive environments associated with potable water, sanitary sewer and industrial facilities that require fast curing material for quick return to service.  The process incorporates a combination of unique product engineering and technologically advanced application equipment that, in most cases, can restore structural integrity and provide owners with corrosion resistant lining that can be reuturned to immersion service in as little as one hour.

Triton Waterproofing

Triton’s neoprene rubber material, Tritoflex, provides a spray applied, seamless, water based/zero VOC solution to waterproofing.  Experienced applicators often use Tritoflex for standing seam metal roof restoration, patch and repair work, as well as temporary waterproofing on full re-roofs.  The neoprene rubber is mixed with a mist of salt water to rapidly accelerate the curing process.  The result is an instant setting material that has 1900% elongation.  For more information and video demonstration, visit the Triton waterproofing page of this website.