Sikalastic Roofpro

Throughout the world, Liquid Plastics enjoyed a reputation for innovative, long-lasting polymer solutions for the restoration and protection of the building envelope system.  Beginning in the mid 1980’s, Liquid Plastics offered full system, renewable roof warranties ranging from 10-25 years, making them the most cost effective membrane solution available when long term life-cycle costs are considered.  Furthermore, these liquid systems were the “greenest” option available, as the membrane could be restored instead of sent to the landfill.  

Fast forward to today, and Liquid Plastics Decothane has transformed into Sikalastic Roofpro, which offers the same unique chemistries coupled with conformable reinforcements to produce waterproof membranes that are 100% cold-applied, self-flashing, self-terminating, fully-adhered and completely seamless.

See a short application video along with an explanation of Sika’s Moisture Triggered Chemistry and waterproofing system being installed on a Balcony in the UK.

Cold, fluid-applied systems are available for the following:

  1. Roof Recovers
  2. Protected Membrane Assemblies (including Green Roofs)
  3. Plaza Deck and Terrace Waterproofing
  4. Wall Systems
  5. Skylight Waterproofing & Restoration