One of the recurring facility maintenance challenges that will test any waterproofing system is the gutter lining system. Industry standard practice over the years has been to line them with a single-ply membrane. In general, this approach will last 10-years, perhaps a little more, before we begin to see deterioration of the seams or of the membrane itself. Often times these are complex configurations (requiring numerous seams) that hold water and do not readily drain. Frequently adding to the dilemma is the presence of multiple substrates that need to be incorporated into the waterproofing system to facilitate the removal of water from the roof without creating opportunities for it to enter the building.

An ideal lining system would…

  1. Contain no seams
  2. Conform to complex configurations (no tenting beneath the membrane)
  3. Tolerate ponding water without exception
  4. Be fully adhered so water cannot migrate under the membrane
  5. Be capable of bridging gaps and joints between dissimilar substrates
  6. Be fully reinforced to accommodate the movement between dissimilar substrates.
  7. Be applied by trained installers and backed by a reputable company

Many times these linings will need to be offered in colors that match architectural features that, for historical or even personal preference, need to be maintained. Sikalastic RoofPro is offered in 6 standard colors.