Tritoflex is a product offered through Triton Incorporated in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Tritoflex offers a spray applied neoprene rubber membrane that is water based and sets instantly with zero VOC, making it environmentally safe.  The product has 1900% elongation capabilities, making it an ideal product for metal roof seams or substrates with large amounts of movement.  As a spray applied membrane, Tritoflex creates a fully adhered, monolithic membrane, allowing the applicator to run through tough to reach areas in a fraction of the time.  Furthermore, the membrane is compatible with existing roof systems, eliminating tear-off and disposal costs for the installer.

Tritoflex can be utilized in a variety of applications.  As the industry searches for time-saving temporary roof solutions, this material allows the contractor to tear-off and instantly apply a temporary waterproof membrane.  In addition, lightweight concrete and built up roof systems can be applied over Tritoflex, making a versatile roofing option.