Plaza Deck & Terrace Waterproofing

Since the waterproof membrane is essentially constructed on-site, the designer can incorporate unusual, complex details and still remain seamless and fully-adhered.

As the membrane is out of sight, it is imperative that only the the highest quality materials be used for waterproofing.  When the total cost of a Plaza Deck installation is considered, the waterproof membrane is a relatively minor player.  A membrane that is cold-applied, fully-adhered and completely seamless eliminates many of the shortcomings of many of the Plaza Deck membranes available today.

Joints and dissimilar substrates are accommodated through the use of reinforcements that lend recoverable elongation to the membrane and permit movement throughout a broad range of thermal expansion and contraction cycles.

Sikalastic RoofPro systems also make an ideal waterproof liner for planter applications, where growing media and standing water are commonplace.