Acid brick is an industry standard and a long lasting floor system that protects against chemically aggressive environments.  These systems […]
In the last couple years we have seen a resurgence in the Battery Industry. There have even been some large […]
In 1988, Atlas Minerals was asked to propose a solution for a failed acid-resistant brick lining for the absorber cell […]
One of the recurring facility maintenance challenges that will test any waterproofing system is the gutter lining system. Industry standard […]
During the course of normal day-to-day operations or just as a function of the time of year, many areas of […]
As many in the industry can will agree with, complex details on roofs are difficult items to contend with and […]
Today’s water and wastewater treatment facilities demand the very best coatings to protect their assets from harsh corrosive atmospheres. Induron Protective […]
While there are several variables that enter into the successful completion of a construction project, perhaps the most important factor […]
New for 2015 are the latest entries into the Sikalastic RoofPro family of products, Sikalastic 641 and Sikalastic 644. Sikalastic […]
Atlas Minerals has posted several videos that explain and illustrate the installation of many of our chemical and corrosion resistant […]
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