With help from Applied Building Sciences, Cooper River Contracting, and Cahill Contracting, The Oaks at Riverside North won a Sika Roofing Project of the Year Award for 2023 in the Waterproofing category. The project included waterproofing individual unit balconies with Sikalastic 624, while using the Sikalastic 641 System as part of a full roof replacement.

The Roofpro System addressed exposed roofing, directly adhered tile, as well as pedestal paver overburden applications on the same project, highlighting its versatility as a high end roofing and waterproofing membrane.

The video and images below show the complexity of the project and lend great credibility to the skill of the installers and designers alike. A huge thank you to Applied Building Sciences, Cooper River Contracting and Cahill Contracting on a great project!


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