In the last couple years we have seen a resurgence in the Battery Industry. There have even been some large greenfield projects in the midwest and northeast we were able to take advantage of. While new plants may not be the norm, the maintenance and upkeep of current facilities are something that Atlas thrives on. It does not matter if the company is manufacturing or recycling in the battery process, the common theme is that they are spending money. In fact, the global lead acid battery market is on track to reach almost 60 billion by 2020 due in large part to the domestic key players we currently work with.

The Atlas product line lends itself to almost every area of a battery plant. Whether on a formation room floor using our brick and mortar system, in a trench run/sump using Anchor-Lok, or even at a hand washing/laundry station using our polymer concrete… there is a need for our products in these facilities.

A recent example of our products in action was in the Southeast. This facility had a 60-foot trench run that needed to be repaired and replaced. It was in terrible shape and like most plants could not afford to be shut down for any extended period of time. We were given a week to have the trench run cleared out, placed and welded. This was a task that our engineering, welding and fabrication team(s) handled flawlessly. This project should lend itself to more opportunities within this company’s locations across the country.

Atlas’s expertise and experience in this particular market segment is second to none. Use it to your advantage.


  • Trench with concrete issues. In this facility, acid was attacking the concrete substrate from behind the existing liner
  • Concrete was repaired and Anchor-Lok was set in the trench
  • Engineer prints allowed Atlas to manufacture the trench run to a custom fit
  • Anchor-Lok is grouted into place
  • A coating system bridges the gap between the existing concrete and Anchor-Lok's fabric facing. The fabric allows the coating to bond to the Polypropylene trench
  • A final floor system is applied over the coating, giving a seamless transition between the floor and the trench

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