New for 2015 are the latest entries into the Sikalastic RoofPro family of products, Sikalastic 641 and Sikalastic 644. Sikalastic 641 and Sikalastic 644 are the low odor alternatives to the Sikalastic 621 (Decothane) and Sikalastic 624 AR (Balcons) moisture triggered aliphatic urethanes.  Application characteristics employ the same, easy to use, techniques that installers are accustomed to with the other seamless, reinforced Sikalastic RoofPro materials, without the same odor.

First introduced in the 1980’s, Sikalastic RoofPro remains in a class of it’s own and unmatched in field experience by it’s liquid applied membrane competitors.  Renewable warranty durations of 10-25 years (labor & material) are available over a variety of deck substrates as well as to virtually all existing roof membranes.

Click below to view the Sikalastic RoofPro Brochure

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